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Application Form

Welcome to the online application. We have tried to make the process as simple as possible for you. The application is a little lengthy, so you will probably want to save it and come back at another time.  Please create a login  and password and remember to click “Submit” as you work to be sure you don’t lose anything. By clicking “Submit,” your info is safely stored in our database.
Before you exit, click “Submit” again. When you want to log back in and finish the application, come back to the application page on our website and enter the login information you created. The draft you saved will be there to continue your application where you left off. After completing all sections of the application  you can “Submit” your completed application. 

  1. Attach photocopies of adoptive mother and adoptive father's birth certificates.  
  2. Attach a photocopy of your marriage certificate and (when applicable) your divorce decree.
  3. Complete a statement of faith by the adoptive mother and adoptive father.
  4. Attach one family photo (including adoptive mother and father and children, if any).
  5. All information must be complete for this application to be processed.
  6. Application fee ($400), which is not refundable, is due with this application. If the application is for the Poland program please add an additional ($75) for initial program costs.

We may be able to save you time by pre-filling the form with the information that you have previously entered.

Have you previously submitted your information to us?

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